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Shoyeido Charcoal - Type B - 24 Pieces - Miyako Sumi

Shoyeido Charcoal - Type B - 24 Pieces - Miyako Sumi

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Shoyeido brand square charcoal tablets are used for our resin incense.

The highest quality charcoals on the market, these 1"x1" tablets are made from a blend of high quality Japanese woods, mostly Hinoki.

Often online these are misrepresented as bamboo wood -- they are not, as the bamboo releases a scent of its own when burned. 

These get HOT - here is the method for use with resin incense:


In a censer (bowl for burning incense) filled with ash, make a hole about an inch or two deep, ensuring there is ash touching the bottom of the bowl.

Using tongs (included with our censers), hold the charcoal on one end and use a butane or other torch or lighter to light one end, or opposite sides, of the tablet. Within seconds it will turn white on the edge. Place it on top of the bed of ash. Wait 20-30 minutes for the tablet to fully turn grey, then (still using tongs) place in the hole, then cover with ash and poke a hole in the top covering ash down to the tablet (don't poke the tablet, this is an air hole so the tablet will stay lit). 

Then, on top and to the side (not covering the air hole) place a mica plate or a foil sheet, and place the resin incense on that. After a few minutes the incense will slowly melt and bubble and release fragrance.


If the incense is charring, turning black, smoking horribly -- you have placed it too close to the charcoal. These tablets get very hot and need space between the burned material. 

You may also try leaving the tablet exposed on top of a bed of ash and placing the incense a healthy distance away, but I find this only really works for resins that can take the most heat -- mainly myrrh. Our Siberian Blends are very delicate and need the mica plate or foil sheet medium to ensure they are not charred. 


After at least a full 12 hours have passed, you may stir in the remnants of the charcoal into the rest of the ash. 

You should never place the resin incense directly on top of the tablet, as it will just burn and smolder and entirely defeat the purpose of enjoying the incense. 

24 pieces per box.

Care information

Wipe with included cloth. Avoid contact with abrasive surfaces or materials.

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