About Us

We specialize in finding the unique and rare, the exotic and hand-crafted. You can find tumbled stones all day long, and while we keep a selection of those as well - our main aim is to unite the most ancient relics of the Earth to you, dear friend.

Whether it's 200 million year old petrified wood, exotic and rare Siberian resin incense, or my own hand-strung crystal bead bracelets - what you will find are what I call, "Tokens of Remembrance". 


The intention of this store is to select the most ancient sources and items of Life and Creation which, when appreciated with reverence and gratefulness, do connect one with time immemorial. 

Ancient, most unfathomably ancient sources of Life fossilized into crystal and stone, their bones and shells ground to dust and merged with the Earth as no more separate entities but rather one homogenous state, carried on us may remind us of the cycle of life, of the nature of the body and its ultimate limited fate, of the course of time and the Strive of all life for its own inherent Eternity, and it may cause in us appreciation and joy for the limited time we have. Rather than suffering the ultimate fate of the body to drop, we may appreciate that what truly Is, is never lost, and the playful forms this divinity takes as bodies may also forever be crystallized in Its own Creation as a token of remembrance and gratitude, a collector’s item as it were for the Divine Unity to hold dear and give love to.