What is your processing time?

- We ship out orders in 1-2 business days.


What is your shipping time? 

- Most orders will arrive in 3-7 business days. 


Which carrier do you use?

- We use USPS.


Where do you ship to?

- Currently, only continental US.


How much is shipping?

- Shipping is free over for orders over $20! It's $5 flat for orders under $20 in value.





Where do you source your minerals/crystals from?

- All over the world! Currently, our stock is from Africa, and the Incense from the Mid-East and Africa.


What steps do you take for ethical sourcing?

- For the minerals and crystals we look for suppliers who make it their mission to hold this as their practice. Though it is impossible to say for certain where and how every single item is brought, we do our best to ensure the suppliers treat their miners well and use a minimal impact on mining the Earth. We try to avoid areas known to utilize less than ideal labor and mining practices.

For the incense, our supplier ensures the sustainable practice of looking for naturally occurring resin and not harming the tree to produce it, as is all too common in other vendors.






How do you ship?

- We ship in FSC certified recycled paper boxes, and biodegradable tube mailers to ship some of the incense products in. As well, we avoid plastic as much as possible, opting instead of traditional bubble wrap to use honeycomb paper wrap, which is recyclable. Finally, we wrap the minerals and other fragiles - along with the honeycomb paper - with recycled kraft paper, ensuring extra support during shipping. Some items as well may be set in a cotton or linen bag.


You can read more about FSC certified here: