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Rose Quartz Heart Shape Polished

Rose Quartz Heart Shape Polished

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Rose quartz is a pink variety of quartz, often light pink to deeply saturated.

This course (large crystals) igneous rock is found in hydrothermal veins and as pegmatite bodies, forming from the final stages of cooling magma flows.

The soft and serene pink colour is due to inclusions of a microscopic fibrous borosilicate mineral, called dididumortierite, related to dumortierite, as well as titanium and iron.


Note: due to its black spot, the price is marked down. 


684 grams / 1lb 8.13oz
4.49" long x 1.84" thick x 4.06" tall / 114.2mm long x 46.7mm thick x 103.3mm tall

Origin: Madagascar

Care information

Wipe with included cloth. Avoid contact with abrasive surfaces or materials.

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