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Polished Blue Apatite Sphere - Rings

Polished Blue Apatite Sphere - Rings

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Apatite is a group of phosphate minerals. Apatite may come in different hues, such as yellow or blue, and our polished deeply rich blue spheres owe their hue to manganese, and thus would properly be called "manganese-bearing fluorapatite" - with the fluorapatite designation separating it from the others in the apatite mineral group.


This particular piece resembles an island-heavy world, with light vegetation spread throughout.

Note: web colours may be slightly different than actual item due to camera and compressed image upload. This is a deep, dark blue in person. 

Also note: this piece is quite large and heavy. Most on the market are less than half a kilo and half this diameter. 


(ignore the water droplets - it was raining:)


Note: at this time, stands for the sphere are not provided. I am still searching for a nice bulk order for wooden stands. When I find them, I will send you one at no extra charge. I will reach out to the email you placed the order with when that happens, and if you lose the email then contact us with proof of purchase and I will send them out. I will update this info on my Instagram page and in the newsletter! And if you happen to be a supplier for the wooden sphere stands or know personally of one, I will give you a store credit for the finder's fee.


Diameter: 3.38" / 86mm

2.52lbs / 1144 grams

Origin: Madagascar

Care information

Wipe with included cloth. Avoid contact with abrasive surfaces or materials.

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