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Labradorite, Polished One Side - Small

Labradorite, Polished One Side - Small

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This particular piece is polished on one side and rough and raw, rocky on the other - and is of a handheld size. It is predominately a yellow-green, with pools of blue, lined by hints of orange.


Labradorite is a beautiful iridescent feldspar mineral, with the main desired property being the "Schiller" effect, which is when light reflects between layers of the mineral below the surface of the stone.

Hold it up to the light - the brighter the better - and move it around until it glows and shimmers. It is often a deep blue, but can also be yellow, orange, or even green.


 4.61" long x 4.22" wide 1.35" thick

.92 pounds (14.72oz) / 416 grams

Origin: Tulear, Madagascar

Care information

Wipe with included cloth. Avoid contact with abrasive surfaces or materials.

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