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Druzy Coated Chrysocolla with Fibrous Malachite Specks: Long Strip

Druzy Coated Chrysocolla with Fibrous Malachite Specks: Long Strip

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Chrysocolla is a beautiful cyan coloured ore of copper, found in copper and even gold deposits, often with malachite and quartz. It forms in the oxidation zones of copper, i.e. with the weathering of copper deposits comes this ore.


"Chrysos" is ancient Greek for "gold", and "kolla" meaning glue - Guettard of the 18th century wrote, in reference to the ancient sources describing these matters, that if you take a copper-heavy mineral/ore such as malachite, or chrysocolla, and combine it with an organic element such as charcoal, that you can melt it down into copper to use as a solder or glue for working with gold.

This is beyond my expertise - see "Theophrastus on Stones" for more.


Our specimens are beautiful and raw - non polished, not changed. This particular series contains cube-shaped specks of malachite, nicely laid throughout the top, for your viewing pleasure. Also visible is a sparkling dusting of quartz inclusions, letting it shimmer in the light (may not be easily visible in the pictures).


This particular piece has a very sparkly exposed side from quartz inclusions, with flecks of green malachite, and black and white dustings throughout. 


1.83 " tall x 5.93" long x 2.01" thick

1.14 lbs / 518 grams

Origin: Likasi, Congo 

Note: this stone is quite low on the Mohs scale of hardness, meaning it is quite soft. Though the part with the quartz is more durable, the rock-face sides can chip even from a fingernail, so best to leave this well out of the reach of children and pets, as well as to secure it in a stable position on an unmoving surface. You can still pick it up and hold it; just don't go crazy, and definitely don't drop it. 


Care information

Wipe with included cloth. Avoid contact with abrasive surfaces or materials.

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