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Chrysoprase Sphere - Deep Earth

Chrysoprase Sphere - Deep Earth

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Chrysoprase is a rare form of chalcedony and is coloured a beautiful green by small amounts of nickel inclusions. 

Chalcedony is a cryptocrystalline form of silica. Cryptocrystalline means the crystals are so fine and small that they are hardly visible even under magnification. 

Chrysoprase is found in veins of nickel-containing serpentine rocks. 


This particular piece resembles an incredibly lush and dense forest world, with much of the planet in the autumn season. An enormous gash or creator shows incredible tectonic activity, but with the rest of the world still holding strong. With such a strong atmosphere, you can almost smell the utterly pristine and pure air.


Chrysoprase is often a pale apple-green colour, so to see a piece so utterly rich and vibrant with these deep green and brown hues is quite rare indeed, and is reflected in the price point. This is top AAA grade chrysoprase and will not last long. 

You may hold this and gaze into Gaia's own "as above, so below" with the mirrored earth in this piece.


Note: colour can fade if subjected to prolonged sunlight or heat exposure. I've read that soaking it in wet cotton or otherwise a damp setting/cloth can restore the colour, but I have yet to try this out. If anyone does, let me know!

Also note: web may display deeper or lighter colour and hue than actual item, please allow slight variation due to camera and web upload. This piece is slightly lighter in person, but that may be from the sun bleaching. Try the above method.

Note: at this time, stands for the sphere are not provided. I am still searching for a nice bulk order for wooden stands. When I find them, I will send you one at no extra charge. I will reach out to the email you placed the order with when that happens, and if you lose the email then contact us with proof of purchase and I will send them out. I will update this info on my Instagram page and in the newsletter! And if you happen to be a supplier for the wooden sphere stands or know personally of one, I will give you a store credit for the finder's fee.


Diameter: 2.56" / 65.2mm

12.2oz / 346 grams 

Origin: Madagascar

Care information

Wipe with included cloth. Avoid contact with abrasive surfaces or materials.

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