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7 Chakra Brass Incense Censer (Charcoal Burner)

7 Chakra Brass Incense Censer (Charcoal Burner)

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A censer is a dish used to burn charcoal for resin incense.

This piece is handcrafted out of brass and is made in India, and shows the letters for the bīja sounds associated with the 7 major chakra centres. However, in full disclosure, I found after receiving the shipment that the makers had misprinted the order.

The order should be: लं वं रं यं हं ॐ, or Lang, Vang, Rang, Yang, Hang, Aum. This has the rang and hang switched, and some of the metal engravings are not fully aligned. I only have four in stock and will not be ordering more. If you don't mind this, you may enjoy the price break I have given from what I wanted to sell them at.


This comes with one metal tong, engraved with the flower of life. Use it to hold and handle the charcoal while lighting and placing.

Fill them with ash and place the lit charcoal tablet on top. Wait several minutes for the tablet to fully ash over, then place the resin incense on top of the tablet. 


1.16 lbs / 524 grams

4" diameter x 2" tall

Origin: India

Care information

Wipe with included cloth. Avoid contact with abrasive surfaces or materials.

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